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La Palabra en el Tiempo

La Palabra en el Tiempo is a 60-minute literary flamenco collaboration where the word in time, spoken, strummed, sung, or knocked out on the floor by a shoe, soaks its way to dark corners.


Flamenco is inherently improvisational. Its signature components are guitar, dance, and poetry as song. One of Palabra Flamenco's unique features is the use of English rather than Spanish poetry, spoken and not sung. Poet Garth Martens, a lifetime student of flamenco, or aficionado, performs new work in the flamenco context.


Palabra Flamenco reminds us what flamenco can mean in this time and place. These artists attempt to excavate human shadow. The shadow's long. It belongs to individuals, villages, nations. This performance also includes joy, mockery, humour, sunlight: conscious and celebrated tools to reclaim ourselves whole and human. 

This show has toured the Victoria Flamenco Festival, the Victoria Festival of Authors, the Victoria Fringe Festival, and the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

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